Speaking in generalities:


Speaking in generalities: My overall awareness of the current range of HD production units from totally low end to way above MY pay grade, and my assessment of their advantages/disadvantages within this range, IMHO $1,500 is the absolute bottom end of a budget that would acquire anything NEAR a “good one with multiple sensors” although there might be some hope in getting TWO at $700 each that could be regarded as “decent” … again IMHO. I am most CERTAINLY not attempting to be arrogant, indict or ridicule here.

Cville’s suggestion to include consideration of HDSLR/DSLR units is certainly worth consideration, depending on the starting base for your acquisition cost wise, and what you’ll wind up spending when all is said and done. Much of the effectiveness and creative ability behind these units, again IMHO, is based on other lenses and equipment essential to expanding the range and potential of them.

In studying currently available units “out there” old and new (old OR new) I still think the Panasonic HMC 150 (possibly the 40 and 80 et al) has a lot going for it but at nearly double your stated budget it’s out of the question.

The Canon units in the HV20, 30, 40 series, as well as the newer series of HFS 20, 200 etc. hit all around your stated top end budget. These are well-respected among amateurs, hobbyists and professionals alike, although most professionals incorporate them as secondary and 2nd or 3rd POV units.

Then there’s the currently all-popular (well, popular with a LOT of guys doing run-and-gun, sports … extreme or less extreme πŸ˜‰ GoPro HD Hero series with its unique and creative applications and options.

Even the discontinued Flip MinoHD ultra-compact units and their various cousins, nieces and nephews from Sanyo, Kodak and others offer cheap, affordable options for more than simple video capture, so long as ANY of these categories also include or have available audio recording options that fit your production needs.

If not (audio) then of course there’s the standalone digital recorders of which the Zoom series that started with the H2 and now has a number of levels/iterations is a good beginning. Also, there are wireless systems and more that can contribute to your production package to give you a level and quality that will stand up to your anticipated website video, interview and seminar or conference recording focus.

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