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I’ve been using a computer I put together with an ASUS motherboard, a 3 GHz P4 processor, and 1 GB system RAM. My video card is an ATI with 256 MB of RAM and fits into a PCI-Express slot. I’m using an 80GB SATA hard drive for my system drive, and a 250 GB SATA hard drive for my video files. I use Sony Vegas 7 for my NLE. So far all my video projects have been standard definition. No problems encountered.

I see you’ve been using 4 GB of RAM. That makes me suspect you’re doing high definition, right? 4 GB should be plenty for hi-def. A dual-core Pentium would be appropriate for hi-def. It helps to have one hard drive for operating system and all your application programs, then a separate drive just for the video files. That way, the video access will not be interrupted by system activity or program loading.

I think I saw a review of a Sony video-editing computer here on the Videomaker website a few months ago. Might want to search for that.

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Ken Hull

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