Sounds pretty intense. Sou


Sounds pretty intense. Sounds like you should do a test at some point before your shoot date just to get familiar with doing time lapse. Your only option to get both day and night in the same shot would beAperturePriority I would think (I would keep it around f2.8 to maintain sharpness). That way during the day your shutter would skinny up to like 1/500th for bright sunlight and go down to 1-30second exposures for night time. I would also make sure the ISO doesn’t go beyond 1600.

White balance I would set to something static like 5100 or so. If your shooting office building windows, I feel like it would be okay to see them a bit warm.

To figure out how long the timer should be you have to do a little math. If you want 5 seconds at 30fps, then you want a total of 150 frames. Now you divide the length of time you want to shoot by 150, and thats your interval. SO, say you want to shoot from 3pm to 8pm, thats 5 hours (300 minutes). Divide 300 by 150 frames = 2. So 1 frame every 2 minutes.

Really the best thing for you to do is a test. That way you can see how the motion is and what your interval should be and how it looks.


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