“Sounds like you’d want it


“Sounds like you’d want it hot, wouldn’t you?”


You’re just itching to light that fuse ain’t cha’?


You’re best bet for cooler lighting is fluorescents. They are cheap and they work quite well for both amateur and pro lighting setups. However, though you can use ‘Wal-Mart Specials’ be advised that consumer and pro fluor’s are different in color temperature and price.Pro bulbs are specifically designed for video work and off the shelf consumer one’s aren’t.The good news is with some minor adjustments in white balance and exposure you can make your set look like you spent much more money on lights than you did.

If you’re using 250w bulbs normally you can use the 200w, 150w or 100w versions to light your set. Just remember the lesser the wattage, the more bulbs and lamp holders you’ll need to equal the light you want to use. Get a few ‘tin cup’ clamp style lamp holders for your bulbs (they’re light unpainted aluminum) and they come in s,m, and l. Tin cups are cheap and will clamp onto your existing light stands so you won’t have to buy any extra gear to mount them.

For what you’re working on you want the m or l tin cups as they will be rated for 60 – 100w. 100 & 150w fluoros’ are actually rated at 26 and 42w. Long as you don’t put a bulb in a tin cup with actual wattage higher than the cup’s max you’ll be fine. 200w fluoro’s are tricky in that they are huge and you’ll have to find a lamp holder it will fit in or use an ‘adapter’ which can be a pain to find.

The number one thing to remember when using off the shelf fluoro’s is their color temperature is going to be less than a straight tungsten bulb or a pro fluorescent. The cool thing is off the shelf fluoro’s come in either ‘tungsten’ actually called ‘General Purpose’ or ‘Indoor’ and ‘Daylight’. GP color temperature comes in at 2300K and DL at 6500K. You can’t miss either because it will be written on the package. Definitely read the package before you buy and get an equal amount of the type you want to use. Do not, I repeat, do not mix the two on set! You will have a nightmare trying to white balance two very different colored lights!

The fluoro’s will be bright, buy put out less than half the heat of your traditional tungsten bulbs. Also, tin cups with fluoro’s in them are much easier and safer to use diffusion material with. Be advised; fluoro’s do get hot so don’t use diffusion material that has a good chance of melting and or catching fire!

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