Sounds like a real solid s


Sounds like a real solid set up. The only thing we never mentioned was audio. Average, dinky computer speakers are no good. You want speakers that have a woofer and a tweeter. For example, I use the M-Audio DX4s, which are very clean and accurately reproduce my audio.

While you don’t want cheap speakers, I wouldn’t recommend spending too much – simply because your friend probably isn’t an audio engineer. Not that it’s a bad thing that he isn’t an audio engineer, but why spend so much on speakers if you don’t know what blemishes to listen for, or don’t know how to enhance audio. Ya know?

My speakers were $150. So that gives you an idea of how much decent speakers can cost. I recommend brands like M-Audio, KRK, Genelec, Mackie and Yamaha.

To keep your audio in sync with your video while you edit, be sure to send audio out of FCP via the Kona card and then to the speakers – just like you would with getting video to an external monitor.

Good luck and happy editing. Your friend’s edit suite should last him a while.

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