Sounds like a fun project.


Sounds like a fun project. From my experience the big thing is making the sound work first and foremost for this kind of performance video or else the effort put into the visuals will seem moot. My brother is a classical guitarist and I’ve recorded audio for his works and always liked using a combo of a contact mic and large diaphragm condenser mic, however this isn’t really an aesthetically good look for a video. I like how Andrés Segovia did a lot of his filmed performances by using a shot gun mic at a distance.

I’ve known plenty of classical musicians and it seems there is great pride in authenticity of musicianship and performance. That said, avoid treating this like a “music video” with overdubbing and over-stimulated visuals. People will appreciate you actually performing more than a fancy video.

All said, if you take the video step by step and start by just experimenting than I’m sure you’ll have a lot of fun and make something good of it. I think you have some good ideas and you could certainly make a good piece with the gear you have if you just learn to work with what you’ve got.

Here’s one of Segovia’s videos:

Best of luck!

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