Sounds as if the woman in


Sounds as if the woman in the tight bikini might have an idea where the doughnut shop is πŸ™‚

I get all the footage or photos I need, simply by asking interesting subjects in public places for permission (BEFORE the fact) if I can videotape or photograph them, and I usually keep a basic model release form handy for them to sign.

Somewhile back, during a visit to San Francisco, I was on a faces kick, and wanted, or thought I did, to maybe create a coffee table photography book (been done before, but not with MY subjects, POVs, artistry, yada, yada…) of interesting (subjective) faces for it. I came up with all the material I could want but the project didn’t pan out – long story short they were flattered, didn’t request compensation, and after reading the simple release form usually signed it without hesitation.

A few pulled the hands-in-the-face routine, while others were not necessarily friendly or nice, but didn’t pull a Mel Gibson on me either. It IS better to be safe, but if you can defend yourself physically shoot all you want in public places.

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