Sound booth is NOT going t


Sound booth is NOT going to replace Audition!!! Not even close. I’ve downloaded the Beta version and its not the same program. Soundbooth is a program that will come with a hand full of pre-made music beds that will allow the user to adjust them to their likings. It will include basic audio editing tools like fade in and out, noise reduction and click removal. There are no multi tracks, there is no audio mixer, and almost no f/x. This program was designed for web designers who know little to nothing about sound engineering, but need to add sound elements to their work. Just the basic controls, simplified for non audio pros (for a lack of a better term). If you already own Audition, its not worth the bother. If Adobe swaps Audition for soundbooth in their video bundle, its a HUGE mistake. Audition 2.0 kicks MAJOR a$$. I got very bored with soundbooth after 20 minutes. At best I’ve now got 3 new free music beds for my productions.

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