Sorry to say I think you’r


Sorry to say I think you’re hosed. Most of the consumer/prosumer camcorders with a mic input automatically switch from onboard mic to external source the moment a plug is inserted into the mic jack, regardless of whether the mic is on or not. I have a “dummy plug” that I sometimes use for just that purpose. Therefore you recorded silence and that is that. Sorry to deliver that news, but you already knew that in your heart. Been there done that.

A wise mentor once told me to ALWAYS wear headphones when shooting video to make certain I was getting good audio, Just because the meters are moving doesn’t mean it sounds good. I always do monitor when connecting an external mic or wireless, but had gotten lazy when using the onboard mic, because “it will always just work, right?”

I shot a wedding a few years ago and only towards the end of the night did I finally realize that while my camera mic is usually set to AUTO LEVELS which works fine for both wedding and reception normally, the camera was in fact set to MANUAL from a previous shoot. Took a LOT of labor in post to fix all the levels that I could, and dub in replacement music for dance segments that were completely blown out. Lesson learned. Sorry this happened to you and hope it is not career-ending.


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