Sorry it has taken so long


Sorry it has taken so long to respond on this. I didn’t have it notify me so I moved onto other things.

The Azden mic is a very competent wireless lapel mic. I have used it quite abit, but the bucket sound is still there indoors. Outdoors it is pretty well a good go. The Azden is redundant if you use it as first level input to Zoom H2 and has nowhere near the quality of H2. I do think unless you have a video editor like a Sony,Pinnacle or other good editor you might not be able to sync recorded sound with your video as you like it.

Now…I only use the Zoom H2 indoors, which has 4 mics in the recorder unit. The part about recorder may seem a bit confusing to readers, but the way it sets up and all with inputs and outputs it is a regular workhorse. I prefer the H2 over the Azden, in almost all instances. I just wish I’d known about it sooner.

I just use it like I would a mic when I make videos. The sound is very good. It has the screw hole in the bottom so you can use it with boom mic, handle, etc.

The Zoom h2 isn’t very user friendly until you have spent some time working with it. I have to re-read the manual almost every time I use it. The settings can be important and I don’t always recall best settings. Some of the buttons are multipurpose and have hard to remember sequences. Kinda like some digital watches I’ve owned. I had a Ironman watch and I had to read the docs everytime I changed day light savings. LOL

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