Sorry if I sounded hostile


Sorry if I sounded hostile, it was not meant that way.

I have 2 hard drives on 1 36" cable, and 2 burners on the another 36" cable. 2 more burners connected to a standard IDE cable directly to the motherboard.

You asked why haven’t you heard of more people doing this? Perhaps its as simple as the software available. Most burning software available at convienient locations such as Best Buy, Circuit city, Staples and even Wal-Mart do NOT support multiple burners. These are the places most people will shop for computer needs. Adobe makes a long line of products, yet not everywhere that carries software will carry Adobe. Its a matter of where to shop. Mrwinkey wanted to do this but couldn’t find the software to do it. I don’t think newegg carries Gear products yet they’re huge. Lets face it, Nero and Roxio seem to be the most popular burning apps available right now, yet neither support multiple. I did hear somewhere that a version of Nero supports 2. but thats only 2. Lets not rule out the fact that most computers couldn’t handle the demands of multi-burning until recently. Cost of burners also kept people from building their own. All that has changed. Newegg sells towers that hold 5, even 10 drives, why are they being made if it can’t be done? Gear video 8, the least expensive of them, will burn to as many drives as I have connected.

Its quite possible that the old card and its drivers are not working properly with my new motherboard. Its the Intel D975X, which is much newer than the IDE card. The card drivers are the most recent available, but thet still may not be recent enough.

I will try moving large files to each simultaneously and see what I get.

Thanks for the input in this matter.

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