Sorry I was confused, the


Sorry I was confused, the post with the fellow who owned the camera similar to yours got me off track.

Apparently what you are talking about is an standard mini-plug AV out. It provides a line-out signal of both audio channels and composite video. I just double checked and headphones can play the audio line out signals. But I’ve never seen anything that can plug into the three channel min-plug AV output except for the cable like what came with the camcorder. So all I did was use a normal AV cable out from the camcorder that ends in the red, white & yellow male RCA’s. We can ignore the yellow (composite video) connector. All you need to do is adapt the red & white male RCA’s into a stereo mini-plug. I’ve seen these kind of adapters for MP3 players to plug the player into a home stereo, except they are all male connectors & you’ll need all female connectors. So you will have to either get in-line connectors to change the male RCA’s into female RCA’s and the stereo mini-jack into a stereo mini-plug. Or you’ll need to locate the adapter I picked up somewhere, which is a stereo mini-plug into female RCA plugs. If you don’t know how to locate the adapters, take your AV cable & headphones to a Radio Shack and they can fix you up.

And, of course, you’ll have no volume control. A line out signal has a standardized volume level. So your headphone volume will only vary according to how the mic levels are set.

Sorry about the confusion and good luck connecting your headphones.

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