Sorry, I should have menti


Sorry, I should have mentioned this, but for this pupose, we actually require a single camera video. Tne band directors want to see the entire band simultaniously, they use itto “clean up” their drill along with copies of the judges audio tapes. Plus, with bands schedualed every 20 minutes, obviously there is not time to edit the videos and produce them on-the-spot. A “plain jane” single camera angle with absolutely no editing is just fine for our purposes, and that is all the professional video company sells “on the spot” anyway. The purpose of us getting two cameras is to have a backup.

For the “official” competition, the “state” has a contract with a company to produce high end videos (for which they charge about $100 each) which are pre-ordered and the buyers recieve these by mail a few months later. We have no intent in competing with that – only the “instant” videos which are provided to the band directors and sold and produced instantlyon-the-spot.

One of my biggest concerns is if we can reproduce the videos fast enough with just a couple of 20X reproduction units. The event is about 12 hours long and I would expect to sell around 300 videos, so we would need to be able to replicate each 10 minute dvd in about 3 minutes. How manyduplicating units would we need to do this? I would assume that a 10 minute dvd could be duplicated in just a couple or three minutes – am I wrong about this?

We could pre-print some of the disks (a few for eachband)and have them on hand ready to be used for duplication. And, I noticed this morning that Epson has a ink jet printer that comes with an adapter and software to print ink jet printable cd’s – it’s less than $100 – would this do or should we invest in a higher end printer? Would old fashioned lables be just to tacky to use? All the disks really need to have printed on them is the date, the name of the competition, and the band name. Remember this is just a once or twice a year need.

And, are their any fairly inexpensive cameras (less than $1,500 each)on the market that would allow for us toplug in some type of wireless audeo reciever so that we could pick up the sound from the field instead or in addition to the sound at the pressbox?

And, it would be awsome to provide a wide screen video (since football fields are kind of wide screen anyway) but not HD as not all of our customers will have HD capability. Any thoughts on how best to handle this (in the past the company that we have used has not provided wide screen format for the instant dvd’s).

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