Sorry, I should have inclu


Sorry, I should have included the hybrid video delivery method that was the real point of the article…

Hybrid Product Delivery

For a printed, audio, and DVD-based course that I took last year, the producer delivered a physical product. At the time of the sales transaction though, I was provided a link to the first lesson of the DVD course delivered as streaming video.

This simple model eliminated most of the opportunity for buyer’s remorse to set in (it was a VERY high-dollar course) and it provided for instant gratification. I was able to get busy with the first actions dictated by the course while waiting for the rest of the materials to arrive.

A cardboard box showed up on my porch a week later with the rest of the course, providing the higher perceived value that the price-point required. It was a good combination.

A web page for delivery and an EZS3 / Amazon S3 account are all that would be required to manage the same model.

Are you ready for a hybrid approach to product delivery?


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