Sorry, I should have clari


Sorry, I should have clarified. When I asked “what kind of video are you cutting?” I meant “what video format.” A format like DVCProHD is more demanding than DV/NTSC (miniDV), and therefore, may require more hardware. So…what format is your friend cutting? It’s hard to provide any meaningful answers to your questions without knowing.

Because this is a hobby of your friend’s, I think a Quad-core will be enough. Just because there is an 8-core available, it doesn’t mean the Quad-core won’t do a good job. A Quad-core won’t have him sitting around for hours and hours waiting for things to render. Sure, the 8-core naturally will be faster than the Quad, but given the situation he is in, is there anything that will justify spending that extra cash…just to save a few minutes? I dont think so, IMHO. Stick with the Quad-Core and save the cash.

About the Kona and Blackmagic cards…2 Things: 1) I mainly was suggesting these for external monitoring. What I mean by that is: computer monitors don’t properly display video. If you’re going to be spending a lot of time making video, it’s important to know exactly what your image looks like. The solution is to send video out of FCP via the Kona or Blackmagic card and into a broadcast television monitor (or a TV at worst) and calibrate that monitor using color bars. 2) You said your friend can capture using firewire. Does that mean he’s shooting MiniDV? If so, I guess that answers my question about the recording format. But, if he is recording miniDV, then he doesn’t exactly NEED a Kona or Blackmagic card. He can send video out of FCP via firewire, then to a miniDV deck or camera, and then into the broadcast monitor.

About the RAID. First, I don’t have a RAID, so I can’t answer specifics about which hardware to purchase. What I can tell you is that all a RAID does is help your computer read the data faster, which is necessary for high end video because of the high bit rates. It doesn’t help with rendering time, and it’s irrelevant to ask ” Is RAID not needed? Would he be better off getting a video capture card instead” because RAIDs and capture cards do two completely different tasks.

I really don’t know anything about upgrading a CPU. If you could some how upgrade the CPU in a Mac, I don’t even know where you’d get a new CPU. In my opinion, I wouldn’t sweat it. There are people still cutting video with Avid on G4s. Having the latest and greatest isn’t the key to making good video.

Let me know if you have anymore questions

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