Sorry I haven’t replied i’


Sorry I haven’t replied i’ve been a bit busy but,
I turned it on today and it started working! But it had 1 bar left on the battery, so i went and charged it.
i came back later when it was fully charged and turned it on, and it broke again.. except now, it’s not doing that popcorn t.v. thing, it’s just all black and has the display menu, and then just now, it started working again, so i don’t know what is going on now, it just keeps working and then it just breaks again.

6. If you put in a tape that you had already successfully recorded on before, and try to play it in the camera, do you see the images then? (I think you already indicated YES, but just want to make sure.)
Pictures yes but not records

7. If you put in a fresh tape (never used before), and try to record something, rewind, and then upload to your computer by firewire, do you get anything on the computer? (Good video file? File with just static? File with just black? No file at all?)
I don’t have a fresh tape but ill get one later, and i lost my canon cd so i am going to have to figure out a way to upload it on my computer

8. Is there any place in the menus to select where the video comes from? (Only woud apply if the camera has a video or AV input jack, so you could record from some other video device, like a VCR.)
I don’t really understand your question but i can hook it up to the VCR

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