Sorry, I didn’t point this


Sorry, I didn’t point this out.  I have a very small area setup for taking photos.

It is on a table 3 feet deep with a open area 48″ X 48″.  The backdrop is usually about a foot or so right behind the arrangement AT MOST.

The distance from the subject to the background is an issue.

Basically how it works now.

The flower designers finish an arrangement take it go the the photo table

They pull down the black or white shade

Turn on the 5500 K florescent lamps

Setup up camera and then take picture.

Professional quality just does’nt seem possible in this kind of ON-THE-FLY situtaion.  I’m trying to help better the situation with a better camera, tripod and some lighting perks.

This may never be a best situation, unless I can get more space.  Seriously, it is almost an impossibility because the store is very small, and with flowers so much water is used.  It’s about the only space they have been able to consistently keep dry… and often that isn’t possible.  Not trying to make this more difficult than it is by any means. This is just a small store with a lot of busy people stepping over and ontop of each other consistently.

The little arrangement I prepared for them has at least encouraged taking pictures of arrangements, where before it was just too difficult. At least now there is consistent photo taking.








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