Sorry, I am sooooooo open-


Sorry, I am sooooooo open-minded about all things to market and product, but sounds to me like this one would be a hard sell – based primarily on the thought that wedding productions are so very unique and intimate to each B&G, that some generic VO simply would NOT peg their personal situations enough for producers to be willing to invest in a library of this as opposed to, say, copyright free music libraries.

Brings to mind, also, the old Rabbyte, etc. stuff where they developed some pretty decent animated sequences for ‘the vows” “the ceremony” “the rings” ‘the kiss” etc. but it quickly became cliche and cheesey to use them, when moving smoothly from wedding element to element without announcing it looked more professional.

Just my opinion, of course. Hope others will see this and chime in as well. Keep thinking of things, there’s a host of product and concepts just waiting to be developed, discovered, created, marketed and sold “out there.”

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