Sorry for the slow reply.


Sorry for the slow reply.

Faq, The bee was the first thing I ever filmed with a 3ccd camera. It was outside the church and I was doing some b-roll stuff. Just got lucky with the bee flying in. The bride and groom loved it.

Since it was the first thing that I shot, I am going to combine a logo with that shot and use it as my trademark and put it as an entry to every one of my vids.

On the cost question, this was the first one that I did…. So I took some advice and did this for free. The Bride and Groom loved it and have already starting referring me to people. And, they are wanting to pay me to do some other stuff for them. So I think it is paying off.

I am giving them the highlight video, a ceremony video and a reception video. I also did a photo montage that included some home video of theirs as well. To be honest, I don’t see that many people in Houston doing real quality work…. and the people that do, get a nice chunk of change for it ($4000-$5000 and more). I expect that I will come in somewhere just under that… but not much. I plan to establish the reputation that I ONLY will do 1st class nice weddings and won’t do the cheap ones…. We’ll see what happens.


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