sorry for the lack of info


sorry for the lack of info, I was frustrated to say the least…CS5 – premiere. avchd hd files. Plenty of computer power. 12 gig ram. situation as follows.

Im doing a skills video for girls sofball pitching. I have maybe ten diff. pitches. each one on its own sequence with title,no fades on intro or tails, intro tight to left corner.I placed all ten on a final sequence to add fade to black on each sequence break. each clip has several minutes on intro and tail from original clip. when I go to add an audio transition it only goes to one side of clip no matter how I trim and move original. it doesnt seem to be updating sequence either when i return to original clip to add space on ends? is there a trick to get sequences to update? sorry to ramble…I did find a work around but still doesnt work on all seqs.

I made a fast fade to black .10 second, same with audio and made them default and selected all seqs. it worked somewhat but still got the error “some clips will have repeated frames”..

I found a demo video on sequences and it said to do exactly what I did and when instructor placed a fade to black it went to one side also..he said “premiere will only let me do one side” and left it at that to move on..I think it was still on both clips but showing up on one side..

thanks for any suggestions. Harry

link here

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