Sorry for the delay in res


Sorry for the delay in responding. I was out of town.

Originally I thought it was just when rendering to wmv. But I have also discovered that it also happens coming out of Ultra as an AVI too.

I’m self taught so bear with me. But when I save, I always use the default settings first. I have experimented making adjustments to them, but no luck. I’ve research codecs, aspect ratio, etc. So I’ve played with these. But I still seem to have the issue.

Could it be the default codec settings on one program are different than another, so what I’m doing is resaving in different codecs, etc.? Also, most wmv saves result in a very poor quality.

I’ve tried the programs I’m using for saving and I’ve also tried Windows Media Encoder. I’ve also tried taking the final avi into other programs for the final wmv save, like Windows Movie Maker or back to Visual Communicator.

Could the problem be the camera settings in the original filming? Or filming straight to the computer rather than a DV disc? I’m so totally frustrated. I know there is probably an easy solution, I’m just not versed enough to figure this out.

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