Sorry for being negative,


Sorry for being negative, but I bought a pair of softs each with two of these CFL, and as a fill source they’re so dim They’ve lived in the box they came in for over a year.

The colour rendition curve for these things is terrible – varies greatly between batches, and while I appreciate that maybe you may have to shoot in ambient light that is far below what the camera needs, and this can add a little more – these kinds of thing are just not bright enough for me to even consider. That said, I guess we’re working in different areas. I assume you don’t use key lights at all? I do, and the smallest I have is 650W, so the soft kit I bought means using green CTC on the key to attempt to match the colour temps. Mine – with the same total wattage just can’t compete. I want light levels high enough to allow me to select apertures and shutter speeds for control – I’m also not a DSLR man, so maybe I’m just not used to working wide open and having soft pictures.

I admire the concept, and when you can get CFLs that are actually bright – I may give it a go, although we are no longer able to buy lighting Y splitters for domestic use – we could import them, I guess – but we have issues here in the UK with approvals.

I also think people have very short memories as to what lighting levels in their homes were? I always considered a room lit my a single 100W in the centre as only just bright enough, now we have in the shops CFLs claiming to be 60W equivalent – I’d rather have a 150W equivalent. 4 of those in a softie I could really live with.

My world is bright, white and colourful. CFLs are dim, cream and murky – so far. Maybe the US 110V version are very different from the 230V ones we have here? I don’t know.

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