Sorry, Ed, Jack & Earl, that


Sorry, Ed, Jack & Earl, that I'm late to the party, since it looks like the last posts were from last July. I would be most interested in exploring this with you–if the lack of response (except the string the three of you have kept alive!) hasn't left you totally disillusioned. Like you all, WEVA does indeed to be a bit self-serving and as a 'for-profit' organization, I'm not sure there is much bang for the buck there. That said, if there's any desire to continue the dialogue, I'd be happy to participate. I started in still photography many moons ago and moved into video while serving a number of churches. For me, video was always a bit of a sideline because I usually had a 'real job' (online marketing & advertising), but after a layoff at the end of '12, decided to pursue the video business in earnest.


I have no problem going after that XX% that is probably not considering video and can reasonably tailor the deliverables to whatever budget may be in play. I really like Jack's business model, mentioned earlier in the string. And certainly when the bigger budget jobs present themselves, we'll take them!


I welcome further conversation!


Terry Wall

Costa Mesa, CA

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