Sorry, but to the UK viewer,


Sorry, but to the UK viewer, it looked like a load of students making a video with no planning, no preparation, no story and no understanding of audience? Thanks to NCIS, at least I understand what was happening with the cups and balls – but it was frankly pretty awful in artistic and technical terms. I have no idea what it was about, I have no idea of the link to St Patricks day apart from green? I'd even forgotten the brand of beer by the time it got to the end. It did look to me like a load of drunk people got a video camera. The choice of music seemed to not fit the stagering dance movements they were making, so why was it chosen.


I'm sure you had fun making it, but as a serious project on marketing, then if I were your teacher, I'd be wondering how to give it any grade at all – much of course depends on the criteria you will be graded on, but all the educational ones I can think of seem to score zero?


Sorry guys, I think it need scrapping and you should start again, thinking about purpose, audience, market and production values.


Sorry it's so harsh.

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