sorry but maybe those that


sorry but maybe those that knew you were OK with this. I am just a new creep and see too many of what you posted with the nasty face on YT.

if the ongoing discussion about the paranormal is well…..normal….around here, then I will simply walk away. I came here to make videos,

But hey I do not get your angst. Just exactly what “do I feel” that makes you sorry? You post a vid that you say is “paranormal (????)”.

It is interesting.

Then you post a vid that takes piss, quite deliberately.

Then I keep reading stuff that seems to take the “paranormal” stuff as worth discussing.

Then I post the WTF post.

AFAICS you have made a “paranormal” joke (if not in the first post then DEFINITELY in the second), but stuff is STILL being discussed seriously.

If I am missing some inbuilt camaraderie then sorry

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