Sorry – but as an educator I


Sorry – but as an educator I cannot believe your supervisors let you use that survey. It has no way of collecting qualitative evidence. It asks extremely general questions and is also structured terribly. It talks about go pros and others, but makes no attempt to ask what the others are, and then a random question about accessories? It’s not going to produce any useful data whatsoever. The most basic rules for questionnaires have been ignored. You make loads of assumptions on what you believe people will be doing with them, and that has made you be imprecise with the questioning language. As a result, people will answer the questions with perhaps a totally different context so the data will be flawed. You also failed to ask even the most basic obvious questions – WHO ARE THE PEOPLE WHO FILLED IT IN? Industry pros – kids with a christmas present – amateurs – who?

I’m sorry, but that is one of the worst I’ve seen. No way would that have gotten past my uni.

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