Sorry bout that I should h


Sorry bout that I should have been a little more specific. The gif files are like on a data DVD, not to be played in DVD player just mass storage. Wouldnt’ fit on a regular CD-R.


In case anyone would like to know, after my 4th day of extensive research I finally found a program that will accomplish what i need River Past Video Cleaner did the trick.

I have to buy the prog because the demo leaves a watermark on the final output file but it converted it to .avi, .mpeg, and .mov, and worked beautifully I might add. I have no idea why this person outputed it to this format. speaking to my executive producer, he said that this gentleman has some special equipment to restore old video and it outputs it to this only. I’m not sure if that’s true. Maybe the guy just doesn’t know how to render it to an actual video format. He’s a engineer that specializes in restoration not video. I will keep you guys posted, this footage is pretty big news. We paid quite a bit of money to obtain the rights to it and we’re the only production company in the world that will have access to it. We’re going to be shooting a film based on this footage and hopefully will be really cool. As soon as we start production, and I’m allowed to, I will devulge more information. Stay tuned. In the meantime check out our first finished feature

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