Sony (Vegas Pro Suite) Vs.


Sony (Vegas Pro Suite) Vs. Adobe (Creative Suite/Cloud):

More observations from 20,000 feet. Feedback and corrections welcome! (Mike?)


Video and Audio Features and Capabilities: More study or input needed here but both seem to give accomplished video and audio users what they need.


Breadth of Offering:  Both offer video and audio. Adobe adds web, photography, and print.


Ease of Use: Adobe users speak of steep learning curves. Sony of intuitiveness, ease, and quick learning curves. If you are also a web, photography, or print user, I would expect some improvement on the Adobe side vs. Sony plus x and y and z companies but hard to say and everyone's situation is different. (Personally, I'm not sure whether either set is practical for a "generalist" but I have greater concern over Adobe. Anyone, have an opinion? Is this practical or are the programs pretty much limited to specialists?)


Cost: If your concern is limited to video and audio, Sony is less expensive, even if you keep up to date, especially if you buy on discounted specials. It also offers more flexibility for cash management. i.e. upgrading is up to you. If you also need web, photography, or print, the cost advantage could swing towards Adobe.


Support / Learning Tools / Community: Not sure. My impression is that either would offer what you need to get and keep going.


Did I miss any other comparison worth considering?



Let me know if you agree or not. I'm still trying to navigate my development without becoming intimately familiar with each family of programs. Call me lazy?



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