Sony Vegas Pro eh? I remember


Sony Vegas Pro eh? I remember that program from about 15 years ago… you could buy it for less than a hundred dollars even back then it was pretty powerful… not as powerful as Premiere, FCP or Avid… Seems like things have changed. I am actually going to be buying a AVCHD Sony camera when I've figured out which one is for me… I don't suppose the camera would come with Vegas. I remember a few years back some cameras did come with a version of it… Not sure if it was full featured tho…


I also wonder if it comes with all the things you need to adjust color grading and correction and also whether or not you can create After Effect like effects without using After Effects or other 3rd party software? I have a yearly subscription to Adobe so it looks like I will be using this unless someone can point out troubles I may avoid if using Sony Vegas…

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