Sony Vegas Pro 10, I read


Sony Vegas Pro 10, I read the reviews and fell in love, read the specs and dropped a brick. I built my computer, it has an AMD Black Kuma Duel Core 7850, 4GB RAM, 2TB Hard Drive, Nividia 8800GT Video. This system is at the very bottom of the specs for Sony Vegas. Yes it will run and run good, unless you get to 6+tracks of anything and then start laying on effects. The reviews stated it would run but at that point you will get hesitation in the render. If I had the hardware I would use Sony Vegas Pro, and that is the only reason I have not gone over.

That said. VideoStudio X3 allows for up to 13 track overlays. Version X3 they got together with NewBlue Effects. An excellent special effects maker. You get an awesome pack free with the program. You can do amazing things with this.Then the audio. X3 was also the first version to give you AutoMusic mix. Millions of endless possible music mixes that you add or take away. So each mix is your alone. And the AutoMusic Mix will adjust itself to the timeline that you need it to adjust to. Amazing feature.

As I stated you can try a 30 full function version free. If you buy you will need to read how to do the updates and there are a few to get. The AutoMusic will download multiply updates because of the endless amount of mixes you can do. Also the title effects has 10 updates and then the Quick Produce has some.

If you buy what you get for the money is way more than you can expect. Once you learn what you got and you may want to add more. You can then buy more NewBlue Effect packages. They are different prices, but you do not need them.

I think for the money VSX3 is the best option. I have been able to do things with it I never thought possible. However one day I do intend to buy Sony Vegas Pro 10.

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