Sony, HP and JVC, as well


Sony, HP and JVC, as well as Samsung, have GREAT monitors. And ViewSonic usually has something that stands out. I “get by” with a pair of Acer 23′ units, and would like to have two higher end work monitors and a HUGE plasma or LCD hanging on the wall behind and above for viewing the results, price not being a consideration. There’s also LaCie … I don’t think, after a bit of comparison and study between each brand’s high end monitors, I could go THAT wrong with any of them.

The HP Compaq FS 7550 Carbon scored 96 out of 100 at and Apple’s 23″ scored 95. NEC’s LCD2070NX-BK LCD scored a 99 and Samsung’s SyncMaster 214T Flat panel display TFT tallied a 98. BenQ has some high-ranked monitors as well.

Being on the Mac, however, I’d want a pair of their 30-inch HD flat panels or Cinema Display 27″ models, or I’d go with something in the NEC MultiSync arena myself.

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