Sometimes I’m forced to us


Sometimes I’m forced to use an older emachine, but it works fine. When I first used it, it had 1.8GHz with 512MB RAM….I was able to edit 2-3 hour weddings with 6-8 hours of raw footage with minimal problems and ALL adobe programs worked fine….Since then I’ve bumped it up to 2GB RAM and I sometimes use it for minor projects or Short HD demos or motion graphics whenmy other G5 or PCare occupied.

You may get some red X warnings, but the programs should still work.

You may need to wipe the hard drive and reinstall the operating system and all other software so that you are working with a clean slate and undue any damage or conflicting configurations.

If you can, upgrade to 2GB of RAM…I don’t think it will accept more than that.

I don’t believe you can upgrade to a different processor that will really make that much of difference…but a newer PCI-express video card will help the viewpoint editing process.

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