something to consider too.


something to consider too… not to discourage youfrom going one way or the other… one thing that a lot of PC users don’t do is maintenance. Not defragging or virus scans yada yada yada… but when was the last time you opened the case and used some compressed air to blow out the heat sinks and fans? Heat slows computers down as much as bots and adware and viruses and junk programs. As far as going PC or Mac, it’s your decision, do your own research along with reading forums of the different software companies. That’s what I did. I read forums for pinnacle, adobe, sony vegas, final cut and others for a couple of months gathering information on the programs, what problems people were have having with their machines or software. I ended up going with the most comfortable platform for me (PC) and Sony Vegas. Your mileage will vary. In the end, it’s what’s going to give YOU the best bang for your buck to help you enjoy the creative process. or to make you more money. Good Luck.

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