Someone had mentioned pair


Someone had mentioned pairing an HDSLR like the D60 to a camcorder and I couldn’t agree more.

Use the camcorder to get a single master shot as well as your primary audio. Then you cansynch up the HDSLR video and edit away. Then you don’t have to worry about that couple of seconds you lose restarting the camera at the end of 12 minutes.

I’m sure you’ve already purchased by now, but forothers,consider saving a few bucks and getting the T3i. It’s a slightly better video camera can the D60 (and the D60 is a slightly better still camera.) Not becausethe images are better either way(I think they’re going to be basically identical,) but rather becausethe T3ihas better audio functions. It also has a 3x-10x digital zoom although I wouldn’t go beyond 3x unless I had to.

One drawback of the HDSRL lens is this though – if you’re used to a 16x or 20x zoom from your camcorder, you won’t find thathere. The zoom ratio’s tend to be much smaller in all but the most expensive lenses. However, you can get an 18-200 kit lens with the d60. And that’s not bad.

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