Some video editing software


Some video editing software randomly creates a Ken Burns effect without having any control as to the starting frame and ending frame. If you can find an editing software that allows control such as iMovie, you can use it to zoom into or from a subject you want to highlight. Just don't go crazy with the effect. A little bit of movement always beats lots of movement. And you don't have to use it in every frame either.

Also, select appropriate music. The sound bed in the trucker video is way off unless it's for a particular effect. On its own, it doesn't work. Finding a correct music background is an art and the music must fit the clip. Using music from your iTunes collection might work for personal projects but for common distribution, it could be banned in certain countries or even here in the U.S. If the work is for commercial use, even for a non-profit or other cause, it needs a license. Alternatively, you should look into royalty-free sources. Royalty free doesn't mean free, it's that it's easier to use the clips you buy or for which you're licensed for public distribution.


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