Some points to keep


 Some points to keep in mind.

A lot of issues with memory cards in these types of devices (cameras, audio recorders, etc.) have been linked to people not formatting them in the device to be used BEFORE use. Not all FAT32 is treated the same by these devices and this allows the device to set up it’s file structure in the memory card before actual use. In some cases this formatting can catch compatibility problems before you try to put critical data on them.

My process has been the following. The only 2 card issues I have ever had was losing the write protect tab (I use SDHC and write protect them when I take them out of the camera. Losing this tab puts it in write protect so you still have access to your data);

New card goes in and is formatted immediately.

Cards that I copy the data off of go through the same process before reuse once I confirm a valid copy was taken.

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