Some nonsense rambling tho


Some nonsense rambling thoughts, opinions and observationsif you will,hereabout this subject. To start with, I have no answers, but in short “Mean People Suck”…

I toofind it hard to understand why the anger in many just oozes out at the slightest breeze of disagreement. Or the apparent immaturity of others to, rather than discuss their differences, challenge the parentage, upbringing and mental capacityof the one who has a different opinion then their own.

But I also find it disturbing that people tend to forget what opinion really means. They would rather argue or otherwise attack you then let you have your own opinion of things.

My casual definition,

Opinion; a personal, subjective statement of thought or belief based on ones emotional and personal interpretation/analysis of facts they have observed/experienced about a topic or issue.

I have scouted through many YouTube how-tos and when going through the responses of other viewers, thereare attacks on a persons appearance, the way they talked, or some-such other nonsense that had nothing to do with the content of the video. I do not understand how they felt the need to post such a comment on a form that, by its use and definition, allows people to showcase their individuality to others. Its as if their emotional insecurity with themselves is sohigh that they have to hurt someone else to make themselves, somehow,feel better while flaunting that insecurity for all to see.

In some defense, I have found that it is hard to “hear” the inflection and annunciation of an other’s words in statements when you just read them. That it depends on your immediate frame of mind when you see those words stating something different to what you believed can impact how you have interpreted them.

If we just let them have their opinions without jumping their tree, we would all be in that civil mode. When someone shares an idea, we have the ability to choose totake it as one of our own or let it be without having to throw it back down their throats.

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