Some good points and some


Some good points and some problems.

First, Chris: like composite1 said, tou are totally right about the “scren changing.”

Second, composite1: While I am not at all surprised, I am always disappointed when people condone evil in light of its “context”:

“Personally, I love the porn, immorality, violence and bad language hollywood puts out. Just long as it’s presence is an integral story device. If you’re telling a crime story concerning reprehensible characters, please write them as such in context to the story.”

This would make it acceptable to graphically represent anything and everythingfrom pedophilia to bestiality as long as it was “an integral story device.” Unfortunately, it is this kind of reasoning that is leading to the moral collapse of this country. The kind of portrayals that you “love”are some of the leading causes of the corruption of today’s youth and adults alike.

It would be nice to see the rise of “independant filmmaking” be used as a tool for what’s right; not another method of propagating immorality.


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