Soft lighting on the backg


Soft lighting on the background is KEY. It has to be an even wash on the entire green screen… top to bottom. Be sure to use soft lighting on the subject as well. It’s important not to create any shadows. It appears you have experienced the same thing I went through when i first got my greenscreen. I got better results when I was between 6 – 10 ft away from my background. The problem usually comes in when you dont have enough lights and the right kind of lights to get a nice soft wash of the whole image. The other thing is… make sure you use hair light on both sides to separate from the background. Sometimes I’ll either gel or use a different color temp light from my forground so that the light on my subject is warmer. You may also want to consider the software you are using to kep out your background. Some programs are way better than others. I use Ultra 2 which is now owned by Adobe. It has an amazing KEY.

here is a link with an example of what you can do with Ultra 2.

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