So you want your video (wi


So you want your video (with audio) to be an MPG4 and then you also want to make MP3’s of the audio by itself. Your source files are AVCHD, which are High Def video and you record in 5.1 surround. So I am wondering why you’d want an MPG4 of an HD video. It would be much easier to shoot in 16:9 SD video as an MPG2. But I’ll let you sort that out on your own.

Since you don’t already own an NLE, I’d highly recommend using software designed to work with your camcorder. Since you sound like a relative beginner, you’ll find that Sony Vegas Platinum Home Studio (MSRP $129) more than sufficient for your needs. It will handle your HD source video like is was made for it (which it was.) And it is a full featured NLE for beginners to grow with. I’ve been using my older version of Vegas Home Studio to produce professional videos for several years. It is limited to only 4 audio & video tracks, but I routinely use it for three camera shoots with lower thirds graphics and overlays on B-roll video. And if you need more power, you can upgrade to Vegas Pro for something less than $700 for the NLE and an excellent DVD authoring program.

But when you get down to it, NLE’s are like cars. They pretty much all do the same things, the differences are more in how you go about it. But so far as the final product is concerned, it doesn’t matter what you use to edit. What matters is the skills of the editor.

So good luck, and don’t forget that Vegas, like all the major NLE’s, is offered as a free trial. The Sony trials are fully functioning programs that run for only 30 days. So you can give Vegas a shot and see what you think. Then try something else and decide which you prefer.

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