So we need to figure out i


So we need to figure out if the problem just which part of the camcorder is not operating.

You didn’t mention it, but I’m assuming that you get the same image, or lack thereof, in the viewfinder. Even when you attempt to turn on menu screens. But you didn’t mention anything about testing the recording and playback functions. I’m not sure if the gray screen applies to the video line-out signal, can you see any sort of image on an external monitor? Can you connect it to a computer via the iLink (Firewire) port and try to operate the camcorder using the video capture software’s controls? Does it even take a miniDV tape then transport it at all, you know FF, REW, PLAY and etc.?

I mean if the only thing it will do when you turn the unit on either play or camera is output a gray signal, I would tend to think there is some sort of power supply problem. Now the camcorder would just flash on & off very quickly if the battery was low. There would be no sort of video being output. But getting a steady output to all the possible display devices would logically mean the camcorder is getting sufficient power. It just isn’t able to utilize it.

So if you can get back to me with the troubleshooting results, I can tell you if you have any hope for the camcorder.

Good luck! Unfortunately I’m afraid you may need it.

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