So very true birdcat… Th


So very true birdcat…

The shame of it is these people talk the talk to get into lucrative situations, then fall flat, giving other “professionals” a bad rep and making it doubly difficult to approach some potential business clients. Nothing much can be done about it – there are unqualified “professionals” in just about every line of business.

What makes things a bit easier for me now days is that pretty much ANYTHING I pitch I have decent demo footage for and make it a point to stress this immediately and up front. I also, without being asked, provide references. People in all walks of video need respond positively to these marketing strategies.

I also stress, when they come back with the inevitable “Video Faker, down the street, will do what you’e doing for…” (pick any price that is 30 percent or less than mine – hard to believe as that is since anyone shooting for less than me is NOT making ANY money). Ask for a demo sample and references is my standard reply, not making an offer to meet or beat. Don’t have to with my reasonable, tried-and-true, effective and affordable rates for most production work.

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