So if the card can’t be br


So if the card can’t be brought to full transfer speeds, why are the hard drives connected to it working perfectly? I moved an 8.5gig file from one of these hard drives and it took 9 minutes, yet I can’t burn 3gigs of data to a disc in less time? While I agree with you that duplicators are configured differently, why can’t a home computer (with enough balls to it) be configured the same way? Many home systems don’t necessarily have the computing power, PSU and other needed resources to accomplish it. I built this system with duplicating in mind, and I bought the powerhouse components to do it. I just happen to use an older IDE card that I had laying around.

In Feb ’05, I bought a Sony burner for $110. To make a 5 disc duplicator, thats $550 just for the burners. Add the tower, and everything else a 5 disc dup needs and maybe one could justify the cost. Last month I bought 5 Pioneer burners at $39 each. BIG difference in price.

Duplicator manufacturers are gonna have to lower their pricing to compete with people like me who build their own because technology is catching up with them. Not everyone builds their own computer so building a duplicator is that much less significant. And of those who do build their own computers, how many need a duplicator? Shame on them for not thinking of it. If I’m the first to do, then I’m starting a trend cause it will catch on. I just need to work out the bugs cause thats all they really are.

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