So I’


So I’ve been looking around and the WD75000AAKS looks like a cool drive!

If I partition it into a 100GB system drive and a 650GB storage drive, I should be getting Raptor performance on my system drive? Just have to remember that se storage should not be accessed while I need optimal speeds.

Or should I get a 74GB Raptor for system drive?

If so here’s my configuration:

– 74GB raptor as a system drive (and with program files on the same disc. Can they be on the same disc btw.?)
– 100 – 300 GB partition from one WD75000AAKS for the editing disc (I won’t propably need huge amounts…)
– one WD75000AAKS as the output disc

and the Lacie QuaddraII and the 650 partition from the WD75000AAKS as a storage.

Or maybe some other configuration that you would suggest? )

Propably the options are 74GB raptor or a small partition from a WD75000AAKS and 2 x WD75000AAKS drives.

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