So I went and read the Abo


So I went and read the About Face article you linked, and most of the questions you asked in this post are answered in this article.

how does it work?

Well, there’s 2 or 3 paragraphs explaining how it works. Cameras with this featureimplementalgorithmsso the camera can recognize faces.

Most face detection algorithms recognize not just one, but multiple faces. Usually they consider the face closest to the center the most important or primary face; they notice others behind it or on the periphery, but focus and image adjustments will follow the primary face. If the primary face leaves the frame, the software will choose a new primary face. Many of the current crop of cameras will pick five or more faces (if they’re available).–A whole paragraph strait from the article.

If you wanted to know what algorithms are, then you’re reading the wrong magazine dude.Mathematicianscreate algorithms, and no disrespect to Videomaker, but I don’t think they could explain it to you and I don’t think you’d understand anyway…

what effect does it have?

Well that’s a no brainer. It allows the viewer to clearly see faces…

is it reliable?

Probably. It states in the beginning that Nikon started it and then others jumped on the band wagon. Why would others follow along if it wasn’t working?

would I want this feature in my next camera?

Like I said in my earlier post, no one call tell you what you need. That’s for you to decide. And if you can’t decide, the article provides an example of when you may NOT want this feature:

“So far, all of the camcorders we’ve seen that include face detection also let you turn the feature off. Why would you want to do that? An artsy shot with flowers in focus and the subject holding them in soft focus is a good example of when you might want to turn this feature off.”

–From the Article

See, they give you an example of what you may not want this feature. So if you think there will be a lot of times when you’re going to want very shallow depth and the person in the shot will be out of focus, then maybe you don’t need this feature…

Did you actually read this article or are you just judging harshly because you’re unsatisfied…because you don’t want to think, you just want people to tell you want to get…

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