So I went ahead and bought


So I went ahead and bought the AC90 and the GH3 to put them head-to-head in a real-life situation, in a room that has fairly poor lighting (though I am often in worse situations).


Actually both cameras performed really well.  Almost makes the decision harder.  The GH3 shot some really beautiful footage and seems like a very powerful tool for the money.  I'll confess to being a little intimidated by the wealth of options and settings, but I'm intrigued by the quality and power it has to offer.


The AC90 seemed easier to get up and happening, but seemed to offer me less control – white balancing was a bit confusing, and I couldn't figure out how to get a histogram up.  It was beyond me to figure out how to get its wb to match up with the GH3.


The lens on the AC90 definitely can cover a lot of scenarios, whereas the 12-35 lens I bought with the GH3 seems a bit too wide for some situations I'll find myself in, which means I'll need to drop more on lenses if I go with that camera.


The GH3 definitely had more "gas in the tank" in the low light – the AC90 was pushing a little to keep up, but still did a stellar job. 


I'll try to get permission to share some of the footage so you can see it.


Thanks for the help, suggestions, and examples.

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