So I posted a similar ques


So I posted a similar question on another forum ( andaresponse that explains it in pretty clear english iscopied at the end of this post.

Why it is not simplypublished in a fashion anyone can understand (other than ignorance of the law is no excuse) is beyond my logic.

I am hoping we can get some form of confirmation from VideoMaker about this since they sell training DVDs to the public. Or from anyone that has an established business doing the same.

According to MPEG-LA, any commercial use of any of their patented codecs requires a sub-license and royalty payments.

In order to legally sell DVDs in the US, for example, you must pay a royalty to MPEG-LA of approx 3cents per disc (depending on which path you choose — see

I’m not a laywer either, but I have done a great deal of research on this, and to my knowledge, no prosumer video editing or DVD authoring software comes with the patent licenses needed to produce and distribute your video using patent-encumbered formats for commercial purposes.

Tony Lovasco
President, Twisted Lincoln, Inc.

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