So I didn’t read the whole


So I didn’t read the whole thread…too long and I hate reading. So if I repeat anything, sorry.

Anyway, I’d go with a Mac Pro if you are serious about editing. I have 4 GB of RAM which seems to be plenty for SD editing. I wouldn’t buy Apple RAM though, it’s so expensive. I purchased Apple Certified RAM from Other World Computer, and I’m sure there are other distributors as well. And be sure to have enough hard drive space. I have over a TB, and that will last me a while.

As far as how many computers you can load a program onto, legally you can only load a program onto one computer, but who does that? Just be sure not to register the software and you will be fine. If you are really paranoid about it, just make sure you’re computer isn’t connected to the internet when you use the software.

I don’t think the new Final Cut Studio 2 will work as efficiently with a G4 though. Not that a G4 is bad, it’s just that it was made to work with intel Macs. I could be wrong though, so check the software’s requirements. Same thing goes for many newer programs, like Adobe CS3 stuff. I believe they are more efficient on intel macs.

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