So I assuming that you are


So I assuming that you are looking at $1,800 – $3,200 per camera then, and overall camera budget of around $9,000?

Okay so you got a local access channel. I would suggest the following. 2 DVX-100Bs for the in studio work. They are great cameras and I feel they are very well suited for studio work. Now if you are also shooting football and autdoor sports I would reccoment that you also get a Canon XL2 it is much better suited for outdoor action sequences and it is heavier and larger than the DVX and as a shoulder mounted camera Offers sooo much better stability that anything else. With XL2 you have 3 layers of stability protection. The weight alone stops most hand jitter, especially important when zoomed in, and you would be for sports shots. It also has an optical stabilizer, and on top of that it has digital stabilization. Really quite amazing.

I believe the DVX has XLR inputs, and I know the XL2 has XLR inputs perfect for mics. Both have 60i recording modes, which is TV standard. Perfect for you. I think that would eb your best bet.

If it were me I’d buy all XL2s (I am a Canon fanboy), but the price of the DVX is a little lower, and as long as you don;t plan on actually moving them during a shot they will work wonders.

Anyone Agree/Disagreee with me?

Some useful links also:

This is a good comparison of the DVX and XL2 (ignore the FX1 it apparently sucks) It is however extremely biased, and not exactly imparital. I mean come on you know DVX users aren’t going to properly use an XL2 and they will know the DVX backwards and forwards. But it is still a thunmping good read. And a great source of info.

XL2 is such a good camera an unbiased source did a feature tour of it. and it is neat to see some of the things it can do It is about a 30 minutes long video:

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