So here is something I lea


So here is something I learned recently.

It may not be the entire tape (from 52 min to end) that is messed up. It may just be a couple seconds. Before you role your eyes at this, read on. It really does make sense.

This is what happened to me just recently. Humidity was the initial cause of the problem, but when I went to download the tape to the computer, everything was messed up starting at about 30 min.

NOTE: I download my tapes using a separate MiniDV camera so not to wear my good cameras out.

Initially, I thought the tape was screwed. But after some trouble shooting, I realized that a couple times during the tape, there were 2 second glitches here and there.

Each time it got to one of those short glitches, the camera would continue to record the glitch until the end of the download. Yet when I look in the monitor of the camera it was fine.

To fix this, I stopped the recording. Moved the tape forward a couple seconds (to the end of the glitch) then continued to download (until the next glitch).

Everything worked out fine and I ended up only losing about 6 seconds of footage instead of an entire tape.

Just a thought. You case just sounded similar to me. Good luck.

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